Amazon Video Ad Creative Testing Project

Tutorial on how to create the Amazon Video Ad Creative Testing project.

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Kaizen Ad Amazon Creative Testing Project Overview

Kaizen Ad Creative Testing project delivers 3 bespoke videos for 3 products in the same category, in total 9 videos are delivered. Kaizen Ad's Creative Director will review your products and complete a competitive analysis and propose 3 creative video themes (concepts). An expert designer will use your existing assets to create high quality, Amazon optimized video ads for you chosen products, providing you with a variety of creative videos to test and drive performance in your Amazon Sponsored Brands Video ad campaigns.

After testing these themes, we recommend taking the learnings to inform new themes or new videos for other products you want to test in your Sponsored Brands video ad campaigns.

Video Tutorial: How to Create the Amazon Creative Testing Project

Special Offer Note:

If you attended an Amazon Webinar and received an Exclusive Offer with a special offer code, please enter it in the Creative Brief section. There is a dedicated field for a special offer code.

Payment Process:

  • When submitting your project, you will pay 50% of the original project fees (this is the down-payment to submit the project and get started)

  • Remaining 50% invoice is sent upon first delivery of the video creatives

  • Special offer note: if you received a special offer, the 2nd Invoice will reflect the lower rate and discount.

Text Tutorial: How to Create the Amazon Creative Testing Project

  • Step 1: Select + New Project button in the main menu

  • Step 2: Select VIEW PROJECT TYPES green button under Browse More Kaizen Ad Projects

  • Step 3: Select Kaizen Ad Amazon Creative Testing project, select PROCEED WITH THIS TYPE green button

  • Step 4: Name project and click on the green plus icon to add a format, add the Amazon 16:9 15sec format (there's no other options). This is all you have to do here. If you need more formats & sizes for social media or other, please reach out to us for customized rate.

  • Notice the # of Concepts will default to 9. You do not have to change any other details. this is all you have to do, select green NEXT button to proceed.

  • Step 5: Due Date - this is already set by default, you don't have to change anything here.

  • Step 6: Fill out the Creative Brief with the information pertaining to the 3 products

  • You may save the Project in Draft mode at any time

  • Step 7: Select PREVIEW to proceed

  • Step 8: Review your order and pay by credit card to submit project

  • Feel free to reach out to us by email or chat if you have any questions.

  • Step 9: Kaizen Ad team will begin reviewing your project and assets to assign an expert designer.

  • Step 10: Kaizen Ad will update the Project with the 3 concepts and begin production.

Tips on how to set-up your Amazon Advertising campaigns to A/B/C test your video ads

A common question we receive from advertisers is “How should I set-up multiple campaigns in order to A/B test different creatives?”

Because campaign manager only allows 1 video per campaign, you will be creating multiple campaigns (3 campaigns for the 3 video concepts in this example) in which you will keep your ASIN, Keywords, and bids the same across all.

  • First you will choose your keywords, we recommend about 30 keywords, make sure to select those that closely overlap with your ASIN title. You may also add any good performing keywords from your existing Sponsored Brands or Products campaigns.

  • Then, depending on your competitive analysis and category, adjust your bids competitively to give your creatives the best chance of showing.

  • Create 3 identical campaigns - keeping ASIN, Keywords, & Bids the same

  • The only change you will make is the video creative.

  • Once your campaign is live, give it at least 2 weeks to gather insights.

  • You’ll be paying attention to Impressions and Click-Through-Rates to determine how your creatives are performing. Of course you will want to determine what your own KPIs will be depending on your campaign goals.

  • You want to check-in on your keywords and adjust any bids; and as you continue testing best performers you may want to expand your keywords to help increase reach.

  • Campaigns created from the same Advertiser Account do not compete with each other.

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