Completing Your Gaming App Creative Brief

Tips for writing a solid gaming app creative brief

Written by Gen Fujihara
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Creating mobile video ads for your game app should have the ultimate goal of acquiring new players. These ads should be creatively captivating and motivated your audience to download your game and give them a reason to reengage with it post-install


• Type your App Name and any specific reference to your campaign

• Then copy and paste your AppStore URL under Website


• Campaign Objective - select your objective

• KPIs - Tell us how which metrics matter the most to you and how you determine the success of your campaign (Ex: IPM, CPI, Installs, Day 1 Retention)


• Main Message - tell us the one message you want your audience to know about your game app

• Unique Selling Points - list 3-5 unique selling points about your app

*Tip* Often times you've already written them and can copy from your Appstore listing


• Instructions for Creator - describe any concepts and/or ideas Kaizen creators should follow such as certain ideas you've been wanting to try, a specific ad to follow, or using certain opening text, images, or other assets. If you're ordering multiple video concepts you can organize instructions for each video like the below:

1 Video Concept - focus on exciting winning combos 
1 Video Concept - Highlight female characters in attack mode

*Tip* If you are open to new ideas and have no preference for how you'd like to direct designers, tell them you are open to their interpretation of instructions using creativity*

STORYBOARDING / CONCEPTING - if your project requires the approval of video concepts from creators before starting production, please contact your Success Manager who will work with assigned creators


• Target Audience - tell us their gender, age range, income, habits, and what they value the most. Beyond this, tell us more information about how your users interact with the app, and what is the general path is from install to in-app conversions, any friction points?

*Tip* It's helpful to link your game's player profile information that explains their player archetype

Approved Copy - list at least 5 different copy phases, verbiage, and terms creators can use that has generally performed well. If there are new phrases you'd like to test out, please tell us here. If you don't have any preferred ad copy, tell creators they should come up ad copy on their own

*Tip* share real player quotes and keywords


• Call-to-Action - tell the audience what action they should take after watching your ad. Depending on your app here are a few CTAs to consider

*Tip* You may also include a short phrase like "Experience the game 3 million people have downloaded" with Call to Action Play Now!

• Additional Notes - list other project notes such as how creators can get all-access to the game, skip levels without restrictions and record gameplay footage

• Including any mandatory instructions and/or design constraints

• If the creative needs to be approved by a parent company such a (Fox, Hasbro, Disney, etc), tell designers the feedback loop may be longer

• Feel free to include links to past best-performing ads as reference

• Tell us who your competitors are what you like and dislike about their app ads


• Assets - we recommend sharing a single GoogleDrive or Box link, to easily share assets with Kaizen Creators; share only your best assets -

Create SUBFOLDERS under your main assets folder for -

VIDEOS - add gameplay footage, video clips, characters animations, animated end cards

IMAGES - add in-app screenshots, backgrounds, photos/Illustrations (flies should be layered)

BRAND - add a game logo, font styling, brand guidelines (include logos, colors code, that represent your game's brand),

SOUND - add in-game music, voiceover, sound/FX - the “raw files” of VO and music should be separated

*Tip* include ad copy for the tone of voice if videos should focus on specific characters


• Save As Draft - if you need to leave and come back to the brief

• Preview - if you are ready to submit your brief and will preview it before submitting it

*Tip* Once you submit the brief you can change the brief information but you cannot change the order of the formats and/or video ad length


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