Creating Your First Amazon SBV Project

Tutorial and Tips for Creating Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Project

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Welcome to Kaizen Ad! This is a simple visual tutorial and tips for creating your very first Amazon Sponsored Brands Video ad project and creative brief on our Kaizen Ad on-demand platform.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Step 2: Name Your Project

Name your project something you can easily recognize later - such as your product name and/or campaign name.

Step 3: Select Video Format

In the Placements drop-down, select Amazon Sponsored Brands Video. This will narrow down the format choices to just a single option.

Select Sponsored Brands - default is up to 30sec, and click ADD button.

Confirm placement and select NEXT.

If you're ordering variations or more than one concept:

  • You can add variations in the same format next to the Original video you just chose. Meaning you'd like a little bit changed in the video.

  • If you're ordering more than one concept, choose drop down at the bottom to increase the number of concepts - meaning you'd like a # of unique ideas.

Step 4: Select Due Date

Typical turnaround is 7days. Additional fees apply for rush orders.

Step 5: Creative Brief

Key Message

Ads on Amazon are product first and have a focused message.

Kaizen Ad professional designers will optimize your key message (benefit / unique selling point) within the first 10-15sec and add additional information in the remainder of the video. Best performing video ads are shorter and focus on at most 3 key points within the first 15sec.

  1. What is your campaigns key message? Focus on value and unique selling point of your product.

  2. List the #1 unique selling point or benefit of your product (as it relates to this campaign & target audience)

Ex: Key message should be about reusable containers keep food separate with the divided compartments.
#1 selling point is divided compartments.

Business Challenge

  1. What business challenge are you trying to solve with the above key message?

Ex: Our business challenge is to show how our containers are different from the competition with better compartments and airtight lids that keep food fresh longer.

Target Audience

  1. Mention a few details about your target audience for this campaign.

  2. List 5-10 keywords you are targeting in this campaign.

Ex: Health conscious fitness gym goers. Body builders. People trying to lose weight with portion control. Meal Preppers, busy households, shift and office workers
Keywords: meal prep containers, reusable, microwavable, portion control, diet plan

Call to Action and KPI

  1. Choose Shop Now

  2. Choose your KPI

Anything else designer should know?

  1. Include a link to the product listings page

  2. What are some approved copies, verbiage, terms, slogans we can use in the ad?

  3. List any additional unique selling points or benefits, please limit to 5.

Keep in mind that a 30sec video ad can't have more than 5 points. And a short 15sec mobile-first video can communicate 2 points.

Approved Copy:
Save Time, Save Money, Meal Prep Made Easy; Eat Well, Stay Healthy
Kaizen, For All you Meal Prep Needs
Unique selling points:
- Airtight lids to keep food fresh for longer
- Raised domed lids so food is not compressed when lid is on
- Stackable to save space in cupboard when not in use

Upload Your Assets

  1. You can upload each asset using the uploader or share a shared link (Google Drive, DropBox, etc.)

  2. Assets should include (layered files of any images are nice to have):

  • product images (also on transparent background if available)

  • recent product or lifestyle images that we can use in the video

  • brand or product logo's

  • any product videos or footage that we can use in the video

  • any font files you use for your brand

Additional notes:

  1. Share your brand guidelines, logo's, approved colors, and approved font, and any other regulations.

  2. What type of sound do you prefer to represent your brand? You can also browse some categories of royalty free music on MotionArray website and paste a few links here

 Ex: Logo files included in assets. Please use color scheme on our website.
We like music like this but feel free to use what fits better:

Step 6: Preview

Preview and confirm your video ad order and creative brief details.

Step 7: Pay by Credit Card

Video ad prices are itemized for your review. To finalize your order, pay safely and securely by credit card.

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