Submit Modification Requests or Approve Videos

Congratulations on your first video! Now let's review and submit any modification requests to the designer on Kaizen Ad platform.

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Congratulations! You've received your first video creative from a Kaizen Ad expert designer. In this article, you will learn how to easily review creative and provide any modification (change) requests you may have. 

Step 1: How to view submitted creatives 

  • After logging-in, select your project from the home dashboard 

  • Under the CREATIVE tab you will notice the creative submissions

  • To view each one and read designers intent notes, select See details 

Step 2: Review Creative & Designer Intent 

  • A new page will load in your browser showing the creative, designers intent notes, options to review and leave modification requests. 

  • You will notice "Intent for the design" section next to the creative. Here designers leave some background on their creative decisions. 

  • You'll find the modification requests section directly below the video preview 

Step 3: Meet with your team and collect all requests 

  • We've learned that it's better to receive all requests at one time. This way the designer can include everything your team wants in one round. 

  • After meeting with your team and collecting modifications, have one person log-in and submit requests at once. 

Step 4: Easily submit Modification Requests on the platform 

It's easy to submit your modification requests.  Kaizen Ad platform has a great tool to submit any requests on the exact frame you're looking to change. 

  • Select REQUEST button to get started 

  • Click on Add Modification Comment - you can add as many comments as you'd like. 

  • You will add one comment at a time. 

  • A pop-up window will appear allowing you to scroll through video and stop at exact second you'd like to request a change on

  • You can check what second you're stopped on at the top of the screen and confirm in video preview on the left 

  • You can leave a comment in the text box provided 

  • If you need to provide an asset or a visual representation of your request, you can upload a file 

  • Once this comment is finished, submit by selecting Add Comment button. 

  • To add another comment, select Add Modification comment again.

Step 5: Send your comments to designer 

  • When finished with your comments, select SEND button. 

  • Your request will be placed with the designer and they will begin modifying your video.

How to ask for finalized version of the video?

If your video had stock images, footage, or music in it, let the designer know you have no more changes and would like the finalized video by submitting a modification request.

Review & download the final video!

Please rate and review the finalized video using Review a Creative button.

This will also allow you to download the video.

You can still submit modification request even if you review the video.

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