Deliverable Inspection
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Kaizen Ad inspects deliverables for the following items by our support team before they are delivered to customers;

  • Do they follow creative brief?

  • Do size and resolution match the requirement?

  • Do they follow the ad regulation of the media?

Deliverable Inspection Flow

Upload Deliverables

When deliverables are uploaded, they will be in a status of “waiting for inspection”. The inspection usually takes place within 1 business day. Deliverables are available only to the optimizer who uploaded them and to Kaizen’s support team at this point.

Work on Edit Requests

If there were any issues found on deliverables, you will receive edit requests from our support team. Please confirm the request and make modifications. Once they are modified, please upload the updated version once again.

Inspection Completed

When deliverables pass the inspection, the delivery is completed and the deliverables will be delivered to the customer. Any deliverables which were uploaded before passing the inspection and edit request cannot be seen by the customer and only deliverables which passed the inspection are delivered to the customer.

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